Privacy policy

Fair play website makes sure that the services and products provided on the official site or Fairplay application are convenient and safe. In order to ensure security and proper functioning, the organization has created a privacy policy that reflects the main provisions regarding the collection and processing of customer data.

The institution strongly recommends that each client study the current agreement. Moreover, Fairplay has the right to make changes and additions to this document, about which each player will be notified in advance.

Fairplay protects the personal data of its Indian customers

Essence of information

As part of this policy, the organization collects the information that can identify customers, as well as the veracity of their data specified during registration. Most often, players need to provide the company with the following details:

  • Name and surname;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Country of residence and address;
  • Type of payment method;
  • Transaction history;
  • Contact details, including mobile number and email address.

The specified data is stored on special servers. In addition, there is an activity log for each client, which allows you to track all suspicious steps.

In addition to personal information, the company may also collect details that relate to your device. The organization will know the IP address, operating system, and other technical features of the computer or smartphone.

Ways to collect details

The institution uses different methods, depending on the type of information:

  • Some data is collected automatically. This happens when a player visits the platform from a specific device;
  • In other cases, clients themselves fill out the necessary forms containing the relevant information;
  • The Company may also receive parts from suppliers and third parties that work with Fairplay and of which you are a customer.

Reasons for using data

The collection and processing of parts is an integral part of the functioning of the platform. It is also in line with the following principles and foundations:

  • Fulfillment of contractual obligations between the client and the institution;
  • Identification of the identity of the client and the performance of other necessary checks;
  • Control of bank transactions and detection of financial crimes such as fraud or money laundering;
  • Collection of statistical data necessary to create a strategy and promote the company;
  • Providing unique promotional offers to players, according to their tastes and preferences.

Disclosure of details

In some cases, the institution has the right to transfer or disclose certain items of client confidential information. This can happen in the following cases:

  • Litigation against a client or company;
  • Ensuring the safety of other customers and employees of the organization;
  • Providing inaccurate or false data during the registration or profile verification process;
  • Committing illegal actions on the platform;
  • Achieving winnings through fraud;
  • Using non-own payment methods.

Member Privilege

In addition to the rights of the institution to collect and process information about customers, they also have some advantages in this policy:

  • The player has the right to request access, in order to be aware of what details the organization holds;
  • The client can update or supplement information about himself;
  • It is also possible to request the removal of part of the details if this does not contradict this agreement;
  • Complain to the management of Fairplay if the client believes that the privacy policy is not being implemented correctly or if he has any questions.

Security check

If Fairplay has doubts about the proper use of the company’s products and services by the client, the incorrectness of the data provided, or other violations, then it may conduct a security check.

This procedure is understood as the application of additional measures that will help to find out the reliability of the client. In such cases, may request the bank to find out the details of the payment method. In addition, the customer must agree to these terms and conditions.

Reliability guarantee

Clients do not have to worry about how their secret data is stored. Fairplay uses strong security measures that ensure that the risk of intruders or revealing personal details is very low.

The organization uses the following methods:

  • encryption keys;
  • Multilevel security systems;
  • Modern software;
  • Highly qualified security service;
  • Regular checks of activity logs.

Restriction of access to minors

Only a person who has reached the age of 18 or another age that is allowed in a certain country to use the services of gambling establishments can become a player in Fairplay.

Any person who creates an account will sooner or later go through a verification process where they need to verify their age. This policy aims to promptly stop attempts by minors to gain access to the platform.